The World

Am i the only one to believe the world will one day end. Growing up the elders always told me to get my life right with God because the last days are here. Me being me i always mocked them. Now that I’m older and seek knowledge i once lacked. Maturity is bound to come from it. All i did growing up while seeing signs, i did not take heed to them. A movie called “Left Behind” came to film the year 2000 september 4th on video. That movie showed the first black president and was followed by the rapture as well. Here it is 2012 and the world have a black president, crazy i know. Then mentioned in the Holy Bible rumors of war and chaos around the world. Look at the crimes around you, shootings in movie theaters, churches being burned, young generation killing at a high. Animals falling dead, new species being found. People and animals are being cloned, some even mutated. Masons with the one world order, things of evil is coming to the front line. The government is controlling the population, by pushing abortions and creating new diseases. Open your eyes people!!!


4 responses to “The World

  1. Iseen left behind, but I dont remember it. I will have to watch it again. I too understand more and have matured in life. I see the signs of the end and know my life has to get back in order. Why is it noy just for me but for people of our generation struggle to be fully commited to his word??

    • That movie itself had me nervous, now i still tremble when watching it just like the passion of christ. The details in those christian movies are hitting points head on, about life on our planet.

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