From the beginning of time love could be defined. Many would say it’s all about compassion and caring for one another. Love is an emotion of choice, that people prefer to show. Nothing will ever be able to conquer over love. When you are going through the pain of struggle or a bad relationship. Being in love is a little different then just I have love for another person. Being in love can be a challenge, when the mate is not compassionate about expressing the emotion. Being in love can take the hurt away, from having a bad day. Most people shield themselves with under armour to make sure they don’t get their feelings shredded. For instance I’m going to talk about myself. I am a person that’s always on guard for protecting my heart. Being hurt over and over again can damage a persons character in so many ways. Now that I realize it’s the bad moments in life that makes you build character traits such as love. Staring into the hearts of those you choose to love, can be deeply shared. Me seeing the day of marriage is a way to see how much my wife actually loved me with all her heart. Growing up as a teenager I made mistakes by saying things that pushed her away, at least I thought. Love tends to over shadow the wrong and bad in people. Some can see past that fault people hold inside, just to take a chance on love. Man it’s a beautiful thing to see how my Wife (Salina), gave me a hand in marriage. She really express to me her love, tender care, and heart for my worldly flesh. I’m so proud to have someone like her that is leading me with the soft touch and teaching me what true love is. I got into my feelings again, sorry about that. Back to the topic at hand, having love for another person is big of a difference then being in love. I myself love all the human race, but is disgusted with the ways of the ones who tend to do things to not love themselves and others. Love for a neighbor means you would love to see them at their full potential. Wanting them to do better in life of success, no matter what it is. If love is what God recommends us to have for one another then lets jump to it, and stop hurting one another because we don’t love ourselves. Love means you will make mistakes, but get back on the right path and improve your ways of loving. So don’t miss quote or misunderstand me, I as a person hurt people that I love with meaningless words. It’s never to hurt you intentionally, it’s all because I’m going through the emotions of pain. Next time you see someone you love or want to tell you love them, do it. Mean every bit of it, from your heart.

Love, Peace and Quality!





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