Walk With Life

I’m tired of fighting, but now I’m reaching weak. use to be a strong warrior, now wishing horror would come and see me.Don’t care to win the battle just settle for losing. Do’s and don’t can get you hurt for not having self works. I want to lose the people who pretend to care and love. They all don’t mean no good. Sorry I wanted more from this, I quit. Trust and love was made to be broken. Harsh words and feelings were born to be spoken. Wonder if life was for me, who’s here to see me better off. Really soft on taking a lost, but so be it, if it came across. Don’t want to paint a better picture, no sunshine. Only cloudy and stormy skies, from all dirty trials. Sick of the rainy days, want to get well soon. Just take me now Lord, no matter if its my doom. Pain and struggle is all I know, so show me the door. Walking through with a sense of peace. I think I hate life for what it can bring. Wish I could wake up, and this would all be a dream. Dog on it, this ain’t what I pictured my life like. Whats next for me, will it get better. Not a suicide note, just thoughts in the seas. Going through the motions not thinking clear. One day will be my time and I wont show no fear. Tears drain from my heart, as I lack a soul. Deaths angel coming, while life’s span has taken its toll. all I ever wanted was to be loved and fairly treated. Life showed me different and kept me constantly drinking. It wasn’t just people,it was my purpose. That made me feel worthless, things not going the way I worked for. Chasing the good with the bad, is like drowning in snow. It’s a cold world we live in. God where is my strength you been giving. Can’t blame you for feeling like everybody else. All they say is I brought it on myself.Getting to a better place is hard, when harboring on bad thoughts and feelings. No truth in lying about wrong doings, we both were wrong. So just own up to it. My fault for being disgusted with you, and mad at you. I need help, all you do is have at it. Getting under my skin. I hate the BS in between us, no love or trust in between us.Don’t act as if religion means everything, don’t play me or this can become your worst dream. Life ain’t what it seems to be, dying on the inside. With my heart that cries, bleeding daily. How can I take it, just knock me off. I’m not scared of death, its a part of life’s plan. Wish I can start again, make better choices. Stay away from the crazies, forget the judging. I maybe wrong,but Lord take me. Tired of waiting, not good with patience. Thankful for my daughter, the only light in my tunnel. I’m faced with the challenges of life. Wrong or right, bless my love ones to make it through the night. Watching to many past before me, wish it were myself. I will be glad when the world end, won’t have to go through this suffering. Still want a change of heart, but lets take the low road instead. Wasn’t them, but just me. Life ain’t fair, I swear this ain’t meant for us. If it was because of Adam and Eve, I wish them a life time of pain for what they caused us. Dangerous, from here to hell, sorry I can’t help, but be myself.



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