You Never know Who Will Call

The phone call of my life, was today. It was from a dear friend, offering me internal peace. Telling me every time I lay down to rest, I can just sleep. The sound of his voice, made me look deep within. Letting me know I will always have him as a friend. He said I will always be with you through the times you need someone the most. It made me feel cared for because when I do need a shoulder to lean on, there is no one to rely on. So the comfort he put on my heart helped me come to my senses. It’s not always about who is there for you, it’s about who are you there for when that person needs someone. I felt like my dear friend was poetic all because he had a way with words that sounded like no other. At times I tend to talk to myself, since I feel like nobody cares. During his phone call he told me I am someone that you talk to even when you feel like no ones listening. Man I can tell the conversation was getting deep. So I started to change the subject, and he reached out to speak some more. He confirmed I do have a spirit in me, that is bothered by things in life. He  said just listen to this last statement if nothing more,  my protection and love for you is forever. Then let me know to go on about my day and just call out to him, he’s  listening when I feel he’s not. Thanks my dear friend for looking out for me, no matter the hardships in life. You always know how to deliver the message through the air waves. I shake my head because I know you haven’t forsaken me. My enemy is myself and I should learn how to look the other way. I hope I do hold on to your words and hide them in my heart. I want life, a long prosperous light shining on me when I walk and talk. My friend Thanks for calling, have a good day. You never know what a person can say that will help you get through your situation.

Psalms 121:5 The Lord is your keeper; the Lord is your shade on your right hand.





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