To You Salina

Babe you mean a lot to me, it’s a shame that I can’t explain myself in person. How I feel inside, so I had to use this computer and keypad to show you what I had to say. This is the way I love you girl, I don’t mean to hurt you. Everybody got something to say, but don’t let that work on you. So don’t trip off the negative things. Look forward to the positive things in our lives to come. It look like seasons we changing it up. We went from talking on the phone and staying up all night, to going over each other houses and watching movies on the couch. Until we changed up like bright lights, now you my sunshine looking over me, now my life so bright. We taking long walks in the park after dark, holding hands kissing in romance. As we make wishes upon the stars far above in the sky, it’s so fly how we sit back and reclaim all the time. You my sunshine and everything in my heart. Nothing in this world can rip us apart, you have my support on anything. Whatever you want to become, or do, I’m so true and faithful to you babe. You my love aka dove pearly white and fly above all. So I pray we never have a down fall, I just relate it to basketball I try to tak the ball down court and make it through the hoop. So I can score with your heart and doors so we can one day start a family. You in love, I’m in love, we’re in love together.You in love, I’m in love, we’re in love together.

Just something I wrote in the past, that will never make it past this point in my life. Really it have come to past for me,Salina Johnson.

Have a good day everyone.


Death’s Knock








Death’s door, walking parallel to heavens gates.

Looking deep within, all I feel is satan’s embrace.

God just stop me, I’m crying for help.

Can’t goto nobody, they don’t understand my threat.

If they really did, they wouldn’t laugh and except.

I maybe crazy, but that’s the first part of my steps.

I’m doing counseling, treating myself.

I’m taking medicine, in boding demons I possess.

So who’s knocking, can I give you some help.

They came in, saying how you deal with self.

I said I’m dangling, everything I kept.

They replied why is that.

They didn’t catch that, so I laughed again.

They told me, they could heal.

I said how you do that.

They reached out to grab me.

 So I gladly accepted, what they had for me.

I still didn’t feel like help.

I told them to just leave me.

I guess this is part of myself.

They said don’t believe, it can change in time.

I walked off, and gazed at death.

Not knowing why, it must mean time is near.

I know why, satan is riding beside me while I’m driving in fear.

Got a phone call, told me I can shake my friend.

I didn’t catch the voice, it said son listen.

I replied, asking who are you.

He said the big man upstairs.

I laughed, said stop playing do you listen to prayers.

He said he never stopped, just continue your prayers.

I asked why its hard, it’s the battle of sin.

I said why it start, it’s the things you all did.

When I’m going to die, I can’t tell my kid.

Why not father, it’s just a part of my gig.

Am I going to heaven, keep dreaming you may have.

So I hung up, thinking Im tripping.

I was hung on, thinking he didn’t.

Really tell me, I was made for sinning.

So I sped up, hoping I crashed him.

He still sat up, calling me a bastard.

I seen the fire rage, blazing the car.

I recall my younger days, living so far.

Feeling the heat engage, burning flesh.

Inhaling my last breath, reaching towards death.

Then I woke up, thinking I left.

Seeing fog on my windows, seeing my breath.

I guess I’m finally dead.

Wondering what time I left.

Couldn’t tell time, because my soul had left.

It’s a crying shame, I had to swallow that pill.

Can see my hurt and pain, on the big screen.

The rapture is here, it’s judgement time.

Might have to follow my peers.

Then the screen displayed, to be continued.


Thanks for seeing what was surreal in my dream.  This is only ways of expressing my self, don’t take it as I’m out of my mind.

Have A Good Day.

For Better or For Worse

Dear Life,

I have a lot to tell you in the long run.

Between me and you a family reunion had to come.

As I move forward the time is getting no younger.

It’s unforgiving that the world keep taking me under.

What do you want from me, I’m trying to give you all of me.

It’s a long way to go until the death of me.

Thou shall not fall in my bible, don’t convict me.

I’m locked in a room where no ventilation can reach me.

This is a warfare between heaven and hell spiritually.

It’s a roll call for angels and demons to get near to me.

I got a whole lot of secrets I need to dish out.

Send my angels my love, I always think about.

Always knew there were a star inside of me, they told me that.

Always stayed in the hood, because I was about that.

Sort of feeling hiatus, because I stay alone.

Surrounded by four walls, continue to stay in my zone.

As I’m locked in this padded room it’s now I lay.

The future is hard to grasp, to far away.

Not scared to die in my sleep, so if I got to go.

Don’t make me say somethings you ought to know.

Blood on the wall,  with nobody caused harm.

In my sleep I see something bright like a lucky charm.

With the exxes and oo’s  I still see no love.

I couldn’t help it, if I come off more than strong.

As my blood gets to pumping and adrenaline starts to rush.

Happy Holidays, if you think I’m giving much.

If you looking for more, do tell, what must. 

You an angel in my life, just keep up the trust.

So pray for me friend, I think I need touched. 

Thanks everyone for letting me take some days off.

My short stories and poetry and lyrics is my way to give back to those that has an eye for thinking out the box.



Half of guys claiming gangs aren’t about that life.

Most y’all get pinched and jammed for life.

Taking the stand crying tears playing victim like this isn’t right.

Talking about taking drugs and being drunk that night.

Knowing you full of feminine hormones like a girl on her first period.

I’m saying you just kidder comedian, holding them flags up.

Hitting the bunk with nasty Nate, with no power to back it up.

Wishing for your set to come, but now you just the prison punk.

Can’t go back in time to change up, if you would have known you probably switched it up.

Half of y’all play tough, thinking is all fun.

Not realizing the real killers, don’t have remorse for being a villain.

I swear y’all all are children, watching American gangster.

Not knowing where it came from, or how it got started.

Stuck in that cell, hoping for a plea bargain.

I can trump all y’all, half of y’all not smart enough.

I can dumb it down for y’all, as long as y’all can pick it up.

Being youngsters can get you killed.

Rule number 5 show no love.

I know what real killers have did.

So stop pretending now, most of y’all going to be shot down.

For trying to be something that’s popular.

Illegal initiations, most y’all just wakening up.

So when you get jumped in, and take a 5 minute beating.

When that gavel slam down man, that’s when it soaks in.

Goodbye so long.

I hope you balanced and strong deep within.

No one can come back you up.

That’s why you got snatched up.

You was used as a chess pawn.

Now you need to give up.

So long and goodbye.

This is the last time to see the wake.

Next will be that long haul, in line for your big day.

Getting buried in your last place, just accept it and reach your grave.


Random bars for the dudes that’s trying to be something off tv.

Thanks for reading.

Why didn’t you…







Why didn’t you give me the silver spoon to feed?

Why didn’t you my family love?

Why is my life more painful than normal?

Why is people out for themselves?

Why do the people around me don’t care to lift me up?

Why do all christians only talk from a spiritual point-of-view?

Why do my family only call when they want something?

Why is there wars when no need?

Why is there attenetion between different cultures?

Why is there money that defines value of materials?

Why do people kill one another like a sport?

Why is there a such thing as homeless?

Why do kids come into the world with disadvantages?

Why is there so many religions?

Which religion will you support when judgement day comes?

Why are are sins not mentioned in the ten commandments?

Why do we have to go through hell on earth to get to heaven?

 Thanks for reading. If you ask them questions let me know if he answers.

On The House

Today is today, and yesterday is yesterday.
Just wanted to state that.
Want everyone to back up, before all of you get a taste of saw.
Decapitate your arms from your intersection and leave your legs by the head attached to you neck. I feel on the weight scale a lot of you all can see what can weigh you down.
Half of you all that claims to be kinsfolk is nothing new, but my downfall.
When any of you approach notice that the spawns are on the roof on the top of my house.
So don’t think you can tame me, and put me in the cage I know you live in.
A lot of things that keeps me questioning how you suckers can get where you at without battle scares.
You can keep talking, it doesn’t bother me, I stay calm because you can be haunted to get your last nightmare.
It’s always all on me you can put your pain on my shoulders, I carry all things that fear but stay near.
Don’t get it tangled for one second, I sleep where there is a sea of dead people.
You never will understand how I can box you in, with my words of destruction.
I was born in sin and will most likely die where all the rest of the sinners dwell.
Pen pointing can get your minds doomed from the stinkmeaner casted to hell.
I was formed from a Vice and evolved from being a small soldier.
Welcome to my jungle where you can get tortured by the juggernauts.
Wishing for the three wishes, really don’t matter since I’m the one who can tap his shoes for coming home.
I travel in warps speed to get back to the throne, so my life is so gone.
Why should I stand up to salute you, when none of you know who I am.
Speak your minds and tell me your truth on me.
Finally I can tell you my truth on your truth, liars. 
Just a few things from my chest of bars from the treasures.
Thanks for taking time, have a good day.

Change Is To Come

How is everybody? I am doing okay, just glad to have my wife in my life. Salina is the best woman and wife to every happen, because she stands by me when I’m down and out. Salina shows me unconditional love and support. I love Salina because she defines a new meaning to caring , and passion. I have been in the dumps for the last few days because I could think about was what I don’t have anymore and what I can’t reach at this appointing time. She proves to me time after time that love conquers pain, hate and struggles all the time. I really know that I am angry with myself because I can’t tell who I am truly. Today is really different because I decided to let God in and I want to give him my worries. Being that the creator is the ruler of all that comes my way good or bad. The big man can move more mountains than bombs ever can destroy.  I really am glad he does not hold it over my head that I don’t depend or have faith in him at all times. God is merciful and compassionate about the children he conceived. I am blessed just for him not striking me down with thunder and disaster. We as people need someone or a group of people to show us unconditional love and really support us for the better through the storms in life. I can honestly say beyond a shadow of doubt God has sent some people my way that has my best at heart. I’m thankful for having someone to push me through the fire the world can bring. I love my support group because they are praying for me to overcome all my suffering within. I do try to take heed to what all of them tell me, I just wish I didn’t move away from them to separate myself. They prayed with me and for me and gathered in Jesus name to get prayers through. I wish I didn’t have to live off emotions because it only causes more hurt then happiness. I asked God today to grant me understanding and peace of all my challenges. I surrendered myself since I know he can overturn anything a judge or life can bestow upon me. I am really ready to be a sacrifice for the kingdom of God, he is the rock and the light at the end of the tunnel. God can bring anyone out of the dark and wicked rooms of the storms. Everyone God Bless and thanks for hearing my beautiful story today.