To You

Dear Diary,

I don’t like being lied to.

Not saying what’s on your mind, will never let me know the truth.

Why play games, leading me astray.

Tired of the back and forth.

Living your life unwilling.

Can’t change the ways of a man.

One day you will be able to understand.

This life is bigger than a buck and materials.

It’s all about what you make of it.

Took my a while to figure that out.

Thought old people was  just talking.

Not knowing they were kicking me knowledge.

Empowering me to become a greater man, that one day will have a plan.

Reaching back to grab those, that people had given up on.

Staying strong for my relatives and so-called friends, that think I can be walked on.

You all have it wrong.

I’m all man and strong to survive, without the prolong.

God bare with me, before I lose my soul.

 Starting to have flash backs of when I did things wrong.

That was the old me, I let my angel tell me.

I hear the voice of gratitude, telling me to check my attitude.

So I’m glad to do.

Life is what you make it, that’s starting to become true.

Not granted money with big houses.

I’m looking forward to the old age to tell my wisdom.

Thank God I’m still alive, like watching all my children.

You didn’t catch that, I’m sure you won’t.

I’m grown now, I expect you don’t see it that way.

Taking care of business, not failing from your mistakes.

Succeeding in life, is where I’m heading.

Today is a good day, hoping for tomorrow to be the same.

I”m going to tell you, see you later because things will never be the same.

Life is strange, goodbye old friend.

The past has come to an end, say hello to the future.

Now that’s my new friend.


2 responses to “To You

  1. Life has its ups and downs whatever happened to you saying don’t give up on me lets go the whole 12 rounds, frustration, aggrivation I understand all of that but now u wanna start walking and leave it at that you have to fight b4 u. Walk off atleast that’s what u have told me to keep doing.

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