My wife is right I let my pain keep me from enjoying life at it’s fullest. Always thinking about what I don’t have keeps me from thanking GOD for what I do possess. Man my mind plays tricks on me. People want me to believe I need to take meds to make me stable in the mind. My Lil cousin Cam is right it’s just all what they want you to think. Mind games is what the world play and people don’t see that we are all pawns in this game of chess. Everyday someone is being captured like checkers. I don’t need people constantly telling me my brain is unbalanced, when they themselves have issues just like me. The nerve with some people. Then you get people that want to come into your life with hidden agendas, just wanting to get some information to spread on you. Relatives are so cold. I have a female cousin that’s bitter towards the family, due to what her mom has lead her to believe. When it states that it’s always to sides to a story. Not knowing I’m trying to shed light on her situation because I have been through a lot with so called family members. She needs to realize if you are trying to get into someone’s life you may not want to say bad things about someone to them. If I tell you I don’t want to hear what you have to say about the next person it’s not taking it personal, it’s saying I have my own problems not concerned with the name calling. Then my relatives are being diseased with illnesses that’s killing them off. I look at it as if life is going to happen one way or another. Maybe a person that thinks like me would have a sense of peace if I found out I was next, instead of looking at it as if I was dying. Me personally I feel death is a way of release and not a bad thing depending on how you go. Life is a movie itself because characters come from all sides.  So realize the people that’s bitter only want people to be like them.Misery loves company and it’s the self that is thy own enemy. I’m never sorry for speaking my mind and truth unless I’m wrong.


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