Change Is To Come

How is everybody? I am doing okay, just glad to have my wife in my life. Salina is the best woman and wife to every happen, because she stands by me when I’m down and out. Salina shows me unconditional love and support. I love Salina because she defines a new meaning to caring , and passion. I have been in the dumps for the last few days because I could think about was what I don’t have anymore and what I can’t reach at this appointing time. She proves to me time after time that love conquers pain, hate and struggles all the time. I really know that I am angry with myself because I can’t tell who I am truly. Today is really different because I decided to let God in and I want to give him my worries. Being that the creator is the ruler of all that comes my way good or bad. The big man can move more mountains than bombs ever can destroy.  I really am glad he does not hold it over my head that I don’t depend or have faith in him at all times. God is merciful and compassionate about the children he conceived. I am blessed just for him not striking me down with thunder and disaster. We as people need someone or a group of people to show us unconditional love and really support us for the better through the storms in life. I can honestly say beyond a shadow of doubt God has sent some people my way that has my best at heart. I’m thankful for having someone to push me through the fire the world can bring. I love my support group because they are praying for me to overcome all my suffering within. I do try to take heed to what all of them tell me, I just wish I didn’t move away from them to separate myself. They prayed with me and for me and gathered in Jesus name to get prayers through. I wish I didn’t have to live off emotions because it only causes more hurt then happiness. I asked God today to grant me understanding and peace of all my challenges. I surrendered myself since I know he can overturn anything a judge or life can bestow upon me. I am really ready to be a sacrifice for the kingdom of God, he is the rock and the light at the end of the tunnel. God can bring anyone out of the dark and wicked rooms of the storms. Everyone God Bless and thanks for hearing my beautiful story today.


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