On The House

Today is today, and yesterday is yesterday.
Just wanted to state that.
Want everyone to back up, before all of you get a taste of saw.
Decapitate your arms from your intersection and leave your legs by the head attached to you neck. I feel on the weight scale a lot of you all can see what can weigh you down.
Half of you all that claims to be kinsfolk is nothing new, but my downfall.
When any of you approach notice that the spawns are on the roof on the top of my house.
So don’t think you can tame me, and put me in the cage I know you live in.
A lot of things that keeps me questioning how you suckers can get where you at without battle scares.
You can keep talking, it doesn’t bother me, I stay calm because you can be haunted to get your last nightmare.
It’s always all on me you can put your pain on my shoulders, I carry all things that fear but stay near.
Don’t get it tangled for one second, I sleep where there is a sea of dead people.
You never will understand how I can box you in, with my words of destruction.
I was born in sin and will most likely die where all the rest of the sinners dwell.
Pen pointing can get your minds doomed from the stinkmeaner casted to hell.
I was formed from a Vice and evolved from being a small soldier.
Welcome to my jungle where you can get tortured by the juggernauts.
Wishing for the three wishes, really don’t matter since I’m the one who can tap his shoes for coming home.
I travel in warps speed to get back to the throne, so my life is so gone.
Why should I stand up to salute you, when none of you know who I am.
Speak your minds and tell me your truth on me.
Finally I can tell you my truth on your truth, liars. 
Just a few things from my chest of bars from the treasures.
Thanks for taking time, have a good day.

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