Why didn’t you…







Why didn’t you give me the silver spoon to feed?

Why didn’t you my family love?

Why is my life more painful than normal?

Why is people out for themselves?

Why do the people around me don’t care to lift me up?

Why do all christians only talk from a spiritual point-of-view?

Why do my family only call when they want something?

Why is there wars when no need?

Why is there attenetion between different cultures?

Why is there money that defines value of materials?

Why do people kill one another like a sport?

Why is there a such thing as homeless?

Why do kids come into the world with disadvantages?

Why is there so many religions?

Which religion will you support when judgement day comes?

Why are are sins not mentioned in the ten commandments?

Why do we have to go through hell on earth to get to heaven?

 Thanks for reading. If you ask them questions let me know if he answers.


Leave a reply, giving your insight. Thanks.

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