Half of guys claiming gangs aren’t about that life.

Most y’all get pinched and jammed for life.

Taking the stand crying tears playing victim like this isn’t right.

Talking about taking drugs and being drunk that night.

Knowing you full of feminine hormones like a girl on her first period.

I’m saying you just kidder comedian, holding them flags up.

Hitting the bunk with nasty Nate, with no power to back it up.

Wishing for your set to come, but now you just the prison punk.

Can’t go back in time to change up, if you would have known you probably switched it up.

Half of y’all play tough, thinking is all fun.

Not realizing the real killers, don’t have remorse for being a villain.

I swear y’all all are children, watching American gangster.

Not knowing where it came from, or how it got started.

Stuck in that cell, hoping for a plea bargain.

I can trump all y’all, half of y’all not smart enough.

I can dumb it down for y’all, as long as y’all can pick it up.

Being youngsters can get you killed.

Rule number 5 show no love.

I know what real killers have did.

So stop pretending now, most of y’all going to be shot down.

For trying to be something that’s popular.

Illegal initiations, most y’all just wakening up.

So when you get jumped in, and take a 5 minute beating.

When that gavel slam down man, that’s when it soaks in.

Goodbye so long.

I hope you balanced and strong deep within.

No one can come back you up.

That’s why you got snatched up.

You was used as a chess pawn.

Now you need to give up.

So long and goodbye.

This is the last time to see the wake.

Next will be that long haul, in line for your big day.

Getting buried in your last place, just accept it and reach your grave.


Random bars for the dudes that’s trying to be something off tv.

Thanks for reading.


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