For Better or For Worse

Dear Life,

I have a lot to tell you in the long run.

Between me and you a family reunion had to come.

As I move forward the time is getting no younger.

It’s unforgiving that the world keep taking me under.

What do you want from me, I’m trying to give you all of me.

It’s a long way to go until the death of me.

Thou shall not fall in my bible, don’t convict me.

I’m locked in a room where no ventilation can reach me.

This is a warfare between heaven and hell spiritually.

It’s a roll call for angels and demons to get near to me.

I got a whole lot of secrets I need to dish out.

Send my angels my love, I always think about.

Always knew there were a star inside of me, they told me that.

Always stayed in the hood, because I was about that.

Sort of feeling hiatus, because I stay alone.

Surrounded by four walls, continue to stay in my zone.

As I’m locked in this padded room it’s now I lay.

The future is hard to grasp, to far away.

Not scared to die in my sleep, so if I got to go.

Don’t make me say somethings you ought to know.

Blood on the wall,  with nobody caused harm.

In my sleep I see something bright like a lucky charm.

With the exxes and oo’s  I still see no love.

I couldn’t help it, if I come off more than strong.

As my blood gets to pumping and adrenaline starts to rush.

Happy Holidays, if you think I’m giving much.

If you looking for more, do tell, what must. 

You an angel in my life, just keep up the trust.

So pray for me friend, I think I need touched. 

Thanks everyone for letting me take some days off.

My short stories and poetry and lyrics is my way to give back to those that has an eye for thinking out the box.


One response to “For Better or For Worse

  1. You would make a good ghost writer or poet. Just stick to what you know and stay grinding your words until you reach those you are trying to look out for. Blessing those that read your blog can tell your all is in it.

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