Death’s Knock








Death’s door, walking parallel to heavens gates.

Looking deep within, all I feel is satan’s embrace.

God just stop me, I’m crying for help.

Can’t goto nobody, they don’t understand my threat.

If they really did, they wouldn’t laugh and except.

I maybe crazy, but that’s the first part of my steps.

I’m doing counseling, treating myself.

I’m taking medicine, in boding demons I possess.

So who’s knocking, can I give you some help.

They came in, saying how you deal with self.

I said I’m dangling, everything I kept.

They replied why is that.

They didn’t catch that, so I laughed again.

They told me, they could heal.

I said how you do that.

They reached out to grab me.

 So I gladly accepted, what they had for me.

I still didn’t feel like help.

I told them to just leave me.

I guess this is part of myself.

They said don’t believe, it can change in time.

I walked off, and gazed at death.

Not knowing why, it must mean time is near.

I know why, satan is riding beside me while I’m driving in fear.

Got a phone call, told me I can shake my friend.

I didn’t catch the voice, it said son listen.

I replied, asking who are you.

He said the big man upstairs.

I laughed, said stop playing do you listen to prayers.

He said he never stopped, just continue your prayers.

I asked why its hard, it’s the battle of sin.

I said why it start, it’s the things you all did.

When I’m going to die, I can’t tell my kid.

Why not father, it’s just a part of my gig.

Am I going to heaven, keep dreaming you may have.

So I hung up, thinking Im tripping.

I was hung on, thinking he didn’t.

Really tell me, I was made for sinning.

So I sped up, hoping I crashed him.

He still sat up, calling me a bastard.

I seen the fire rage, blazing the car.

I recall my younger days, living so far.

Feeling the heat engage, burning flesh.

Inhaling my last breath, reaching towards death.

Then I woke up, thinking I left.

Seeing fog on my windows, seeing my breath.

I guess I’m finally dead.

Wondering what time I left.

Couldn’t tell time, because my soul had left.

It’s a crying shame, I had to swallow that pill.

Can see my hurt and pain, on the big screen.

The rapture is here, it’s judgement time.

Might have to follow my peers.

Then the screen displayed, to be continued.


Thanks for seeing what was surreal in my dream.  This is only ways of expressing my self, don’t take it as I’m out of my mind.

Have A Good Day.


One response to “Death’s Knock

  1. Big ups to you for writing your inner being. I can vision that ride you took, it’s crazy how we sense and handle situations. Keep doing your stoetry. It’s poetry and stories mixed.

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