To You Salina

Babe you mean a lot to me, it’s a shame that I can’t explain myself in person. How I feel inside, so I had to use this computer and keypad to show you what I had to say. This is the way I love you girl, I don’t mean to hurt you. Everybody got something to say, but don’t let that work on you. So don’t trip off the negative things. Look forward to the positive things in our lives to come. It look like seasons we changing it up. We went from talking on the phone and staying up all night, to going over each other houses and watching movies on the couch. Until we changed up like bright lights, now you my sunshine looking over me, now my life so bright. We taking long walks in the park after dark, holding hands kissing in romance. As we make wishes upon the stars far above in the sky, it’s so fly how we sit back and reclaim all the time. You my sunshine and everything in my heart. Nothing in this world can rip us apart, you have my support on anything. Whatever you want to become, or do, I’m so true and faithful to you babe. You my love aka dove pearly white and fly above all. So I pray we never have a down fall, I just relate it to basketball I try to tak the ball down court and make it through the hoop. So I can score with your heart and doors so we can one day start a family. You in love, I’m in love, we’re in love together.You in love, I’m in love, we’re in love together.

Just something I wrote in the past, that will never make it past this point in my life. Really it have come to past for me,Salina Johnson.

Have a good day everyone.


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