The Confession



Let me give you some insight.

You only stick around to see my ship sink.

Haven’t had much to say in a while.

You use to throw words around, like Scrabble on a Sunday.

Monday through Friday you acted all independent.

Now that I moved forward, you can tell how I ascended.

Apprehended everything that I felt belonged to me.

You ruptured me, departed from my waist line.

Killed the old me to leave my soul behind.

Flesh was on your shelf, hanging from your mantle.

All because I talked belligerent and had you mentally abused.

Seeing you amused with my inner distortions.

I can see you don’t love me, only when it’s convenient.

I can sense you may despise me, with all the hate I applied.

Feeling appalled by the storms we had.

Buzz thee alarm if I intrude on the space you have.

It’s kind of shady how the inter-scope can show the aftermath.

Crying in your sleep, from the masonry I landscaped around your burning heart.

Letting you know what’s going on with me, this is my confession.

Please continue to be the priest I confessed to.

Living in a box with a fluorescent tube lighting over it.

This is a deluxe room since it comes with high definition images.

Tried to many times to follow suit, all I received was prosecute.

Forever hear allegations, with no evidence to find me guilty.

I’m bound to appeal if the accusations tend to stick.

Haven’t had much time to take my trips, and not down memory lane.

I want to leave the past buried in the grave.

Please don’t go, was all I use to say.

Now a days we can catch the early morning flight to departure.

If we are going off the way I was raised, I am far from that.

Yeah it bothers me, to know right and do different.

As I age, hoping to mature wiser.

Hoping one day I can set the example as a role model, to those that grow under me.



Thanks for the release.


One response to “The Confession

  1. I think you should keep using your way of dealing with things in your life. I feel you can change some people to help them overcome their own issues. I can relate to what goes on with you.

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