Lord I’m Crying Out

Dear Heavenly father,

I ask that you touch me and my family finances and give us the faith much bigger or the exact size of a mustard seed. I ask that you touch and agree with the leap of faith we’re getting ready to take. Fathers forgive me for moving in the first place from reacting to emotions and not your word. Lord I plead with you that you be in the mist of the storm and present us with sunny skies. I ask that you Lord take control over our situation and grant us peace throughout the transition. Lord take anything that’s unlike you out of my thoughts and heart. I do not want to fail you and disappoint you by any means. Forgive me for I know I always sin, please throw my wrongs in the sea of forgiveness. I’m sorry I haven’t allowed you to step in and guide my steps through my whole journey of life. I ask that now you take and proclaim my life as your own. Take me with all my flaws and make me into the provider I am supposed to be. Help me walk in my calling and let me understand the ways of your thinking. Bless me to get back to the peace and humbleness I once carried.I dread not being able to come up with conversations that will make our relationship stronger. Lord help me in every weak area I harvest instead of killing off daily. Heavenly Father help order our steps and anything that’s not of you, in Jesus name we pray (AMEN).

Everyone that reads this post please touch and agree. The BIble says when two or more are gathered in his name, he should be in the mix.

Thanks for those that keep us in prayer.


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