This Time

Wake up laying in the bed.

From a nightmare of seeing the dead surrounding me.

Visualizing how spirits can hunt the living.

So as I lay I thank God I’m still awake.

Drowned just yesterday in my sorrows.

Feeling like time is now.

Standing at a cliff on the edge.

Looking down, seeing a bottomless hole.

Heard a voice say take a leap of faith.

Time is now, if I want to bury my past.

As I say my last prayer, a sign was given.

Didn’t want to see nor hear truth.

Lies of a liar called life.

Why should I fall to see light in darkness.

I thought living was being alive.

How do I believe a guy who enslaved me.

Modern day slavery, when I pay to die.

Pain is pleasure like bitter turned sweet.

Follow the widows peak to get peace.

Take the pill to start saving.

The more I do, the solution goes far from home.

I grab the cross & Bible to give life.

While jumping I never seen a vision so clear.

Brought myself to the point of what’s called suicide.

Being raised up from the barrow.

Born again religion tells me, free from sin.


Thanks, everyone for being patient with me. I have been working hard to sustain in life.

This year I will be getting back to the poetry and short stories.

Have a Blessed Day.


Do Tell

Hello world;


Trying to talk to them, being very conservative.  Answering questions as they come, not receiving my responses. Hard to not mention my beliefs, due to all incoming aspects. Observing as much as I can, to keep hold on my full house. Seeing people bid on the call, just to realize I don’t bluff. So for those that bring Jesus up, that’s the Father over me. Yes I am human, so I try to dodge impugning. Everyone interprets things in many ways. Most tend to believe things are viewed one way. Not holding on to the fact that we all are born in similar ways. Life is moving at a rapid pace, some like myself has seen death’s face. Don’t let that scare you, situations happen everywhere. It’s a part of being birthed. As I can testify why did I make it, out of all the sperm cells. For the most part everyone has a purpose. It’s up to you what you choose to do with your choice.  I myself choose to act right by my mission. I want to make an impact, but in a positive way. Becoming a great leader, come from me being able to follow under superior guidance and leadership. some misunderstand and take it as if I’m talking belief. I’m really just talking life and survival. With my words I will offend, as well as enlighten people going through struggles. All they are looking for is someone who knows how they feel. So let your negativity be your owns, others need the help.



P.S.   Thanks everyone for taking the time out to read my recent post. If any comments leave them at will, or at . Have A Blessed Day!

The Best Of My Moods


Let’s come take a walk with me.

Things are really taking a turn for the worse.

You all should know I’m finally here.

I do need people to pray for me.

I wake up feeling hunted by the screams of people.

Telling me all the wrong I have done.

As they come to me one by one, I see no face.

I was once someone who could be calm, then flip out.

I know how it may seem, I’m a bad boy.

Never meant to conjure up anger, and bitterness.

I wish I could tell you my hurt, but you would only run from me.

As for me I see life as a ball while I’m shackled.

I know I will never see why the lessons.

One day it should come to a stop, and not be brief.

Trying to give my all, so I can keep you all around.

It’s hard how things don’t turn out like I visioned.

Is this the way it suppose to be.

If tomorrow is not promised, why can’t we stay happy long enough to see the world.

I want me and old homies to kick it.

All they see is I left and created a large bridge, to far to cross.

I can reintroduce myself I am Broadway.

I can not sit and watch things fly by.

My sister Chaz Jones let me know how to recognize the big picture.

She was my reality check, she was young and couldn’t overcome her obstacle.

She passed at a young age and left a lil man.

I wish I would’ve been there to help with the broken pieces.

Chaz you the reason why I know how a strong person can live and show no anger with the illness.

Know I miss you, I check on the fam every chance I get.

Let me know in my dreams if I am living up to what a friend is.

You helped me through a lot of tragic situations in life.

You helped encourage me when I got married, trying to be there for me.

I couldn’t return the favor, since I couldn’t tell Jesus not now.

Rest in Peace sis, I can’t figure out why you were the most positive person in my life even when you was timed.

Now that so much has pasted me up, I’m going crazy .

Maybe I attract drama, don’t know if it’s just the trend life is obsessed with.

I feel like hell on earth, is keeping me from moving forward.

Patience is something I can’t provide, since things don’t give me time.

Like you want to know, why I can’t say I’m going to make life treasure.

Most situations pull me under, and chase me to the winehouse.

Knowing I’m fresh out the rehab.

My dreams and visions can make you think hard.

Blink just once you can be consumed by my inception.

I feel like an old soul, why looking like misery.

I feel like I’m stuck in my time, I try to do different things just stay the same.

Don’t you criticize me for being me, when I don’t know who I am.

I’m numb to the hurt, so I’m overlooked and misunderstood.

Everything I know to do right, I sense to do wrong.

Hopefully my daughter grows up to be there for me, knowing how guilty I am.

Hopefully my wife can get to understand me, and don’t suppress.

I just want to be different, but still stay the same under the sun.

I’m always on the outside looking in.

I can see through you, even though I’m selfish.

I look in the mirror and feel I’m not desirable.

I don’t let up, so you can let me down.

Don’t dim my lights to slight me.

You looking for someone to blame, I can’t be that solution.

I pour my heart over my words and you still try to thrill me.

You can never drill me, to derail me.

I fall and get up and I’m still me.

Some of you all say you love me, but then somehow it’s not the same.

Most of you don’t see my growth, only my failures in some positions.

Some folks are so naive, not me I go insane.

I’m immune to the depression, so it may be my brain.

High off more than life, got more than what’s in the pupil of the eye.

A lot of you always throw out thoughts like grace.

It may have to be unforgiving that I can’t move at the pace as others.

I’m only just being me, I love me more.

Uplifting you when I can’t get up, how does that work.

I love the pain, and suffering.

I’m successful off my own admission.

Long way to go, after I wake up out this coma.

I see the spot light, where the sun burns my skin.

We are like birds with feathers.

Guess the fake is going to relax the real.

Truth can kill, if you with draw.

I have to stay calm, being that the ones who probably love me most is dead and gone.

My inspiration comes from the way of walking.

Don’t ask me to break up like the balls on the pool table.

Stress and my soul makes pleasure, that cause hurt.

These are my issues so we never really met.

I’m out…..

Thanks for taking another ride with me.

Death’s Knock








Death’s door, walking parallel to heavens gates.

Looking deep within, all I feel is satan’s embrace.

God just stop me, I’m crying for help.

Can’t goto nobody, they don’t understand my threat.

If they really did, they wouldn’t laugh and except.

I maybe crazy, but that’s the first part of my steps.

I’m doing counseling, treating myself.

I’m taking medicine, in boding demons I possess.

So who’s knocking, can I give you some help.

They came in, saying how you deal with self.

I said I’m dangling, everything I kept.

They replied why is that.

They didn’t catch that, so I laughed again.

They told me, they could heal.

I said how you do that.

They reached out to grab me.

 So I gladly accepted, what they had for me.

I still didn’t feel like help.

I told them to just leave me.

I guess this is part of myself.

They said don’t believe, it can change in time.

I walked off, and gazed at death.

Not knowing why, it must mean time is near.

I know why, satan is riding beside me while I’m driving in fear.

Got a phone call, told me I can shake my friend.

I didn’t catch the voice, it said son listen.

I replied, asking who are you.

He said the big man upstairs.

I laughed, said stop playing do you listen to prayers.

He said he never stopped, just continue your prayers.

I asked why its hard, it’s the battle of sin.

I said why it start, it’s the things you all did.

When I’m going to die, I can’t tell my kid.

Why not father, it’s just a part of my gig.

Am I going to heaven, keep dreaming you may have.

So I hung up, thinking Im tripping.

I was hung on, thinking he didn’t.

Really tell me, I was made for sinning.

So I sped up, hoping I crashed him.

He still sat up, calling me a bastard.

I seen the fire rage, blazing the car.

I recall my younger days, living so far.

Feeling the heat engage, burning flesh.

Inhaling my last breath, reaching towards death.

Then I woke up, thinking I left.

Seeing fog on my windows, seeing my breath.

I guess I’m finally dead.

Wondering what time I left.

Couldn’t tell time, because my soul had left.

It’s a crying shame, I had to swallow that pill.

Can see my hurt and pain, on the big screen.

The rapture is here, it’s judgement time.

Might have to follow my peers.

Then the screen displayed, to be continued.


Thanks for seeing what was surreal in my dream.  This is only ways of expressing my self, don’t take it as I’m out of my mind.

Have A Good Day.



Half of guys claiming gangs aren’t about that life.

Most y’all get pinched and jammed for life.

Taking the stand crying tears playing victim like this isn’t right.

Talking about taking drugs and being drunk that night.

Knowing you full of feminine hormones like a girl on her first period.

I’m saying you just kidder comedian, holding them flags up.

Hitting the bunk with nasty Nate, with no power to back it up.

Wishing for your set to come, but now you just the prison punk.

Can’t go back in time to change up, if you would have known you probably switched it up.

Half of y’all play tough, thinking is all fun.

Not realizing the real killers, don’t have remorse for being a villain.

I swear y’all all are children, watching American gangster.

Not knowing where it came from, or how it got started.

Stuck in that cell, hoping for a plea bargain.

I can trump all y’all, half of y’all not smart enough.

I can dumb it down for y’all, as long as y’all can pick it up.

Being youngsters can get you killed.

Rule number 5 show no love.

I know what real killers have did.

So stop pretending now, most of y’all going to be shot down.

For trying to be something that’s popular.

Illegal initiations, most y’all just wakening up.

So when you get jumped in, and take a 5 minute beating.

When that gavel slam down man, that’s when it soaks in.

Goodbye so long.

I hope you balanced and strong deep within.

No one can come back you up.

That’s why you got snatched up.

You was used as a chess pawn.

Now you need to give up.

So long and goodbye.

This is the last time to see the wake.

Next will be that long haul, in line for your big day.

Getting buried in your last place, just accept it and reach your grave.


Random bars for the dudes that’s trying to be something off tv.

Thanks for reading.

On The House

Today is today, and yesterday is yesterday.
Just wanted to state that.
Want everyone to back up, before all of you get a taste of saw.
Decapitate your arms from your intersection and leave your legs by the head attached to you neck. I feel on the weight scale a lot of you all can see what can weigh you down.
Half of you all that claims to be kinsfolk is nothing new, but my downfall.
When any of you approach notice that the spawns are on the roof on the top of my house.
So don’t think you can tame me, and put me in the cage I know you live in.
A lot of things that keeps me questioning how you suckers can get where you at without battle scares.
You can keep talking, it doesn’t bother me, I stay calm because you can be haunted to get your last nightmare.
It’s always all on me you can put your pain on my shoulders, I carry all things that fear but stay near.
Don’t get it tangled for one second, I sleep where there is a sea of dead people.
You never will understand how I can box you in, with my words of destruction.
I was born in sin and will most likely die where all the rest of the sinners dwell.
Pen pointing can get your minds doomed from the stinkmeaner casted to hell.
I was formed from a Vice and evolved from being a small soldier.
Welcome to my jungle where you can get tortured by the juggernauts.
Wishing for the three wishes, really don’t matter since I’m the one who can tap his shoes for coming home.
I travel in warps speed to get back to the throne, so my life is so gone.
Why should I stand up to salute you, when none of you know who I am.
Speak your minds and tell me your truth on me.
Finally I can tell you my truth on your truth, liars. 
Just a few things from my chest of bars from the treasures.
Thanks for taking time, have a good day.