This Time

Wake up laying in the bed.

From a nightmare of seeing the dead surrounding me.

Visualizing how spirits can hunt the living.

So as I lay I thank God I’m still awake.

Drowned just yesterday in my sorrows.

Feeling like time is now.

Standing at a cliff on the edge.

Looking down, seeing a bottomless hole.

Heard a voice say take a leap of faith.

Time is now, if I want to bury my past.

As I say my last prayer, a sign was given.

Didn’t want to see nor hear truth.

Lies of a liar called life.

Why should I fall to see light in darkness.

I thought living was being alive.

How do I believe a guy who enslaved me.

Modern day slavery, when I pay to die.

Pain is pleasure like bitter turned sweet.

Follow the widows peak to get peace.

Take the pill to start saving.

The more I do, the solution goes far from home.

I grab the cross & Bible to give life.

While jumping I never seen a vision so clear.

Brought myself to the point of what’s called suicide.

Being raised up from the barrow.

Born again religion tells me, free from sin.


Thanks, everyone for being patient with me. I have been working hard to sustain in life.

This year I will be getting back to the poetry and short stories.

Have a Blessed Day.


Thoughts For Survival

Hello everyone,

Let me start off by saying anyone that thinks life is not fair, it was never meant to be fair. Yes we all go through situations and ask God why. When really everybody says the same thing everything happens for a reason. So if everything happens for a reason and God allows it, then it must be to show approval. I’m a put it out there for you all to read, I have been living less than paycheck to paycheck for the last 3 yrs. Of course it bothers me, but when you think like I do you just learn to deal with it and go about your way. It’s like no matter how hard you try to do right, it’s always set backs. I was watching the vice presidential debate, and what I received from that was history repeats itself. Meaning when racism and hatred was at an all time high back in the day. Put two and two together and you will see those things coming back to the necked eye, and it’s just getting started. Poverty is now raising to the middle class and modern-day slavery is here. Every time I turn around the politicians is mentioning how it’s going to be either rich, or poor. It hurts to see how the people who make up this whole country fall for the mess they feed us. Everything that happens in the United States, is actually planned. The September 11th event was scheduled originally in the mid 90’s.  How is it that the Americans doesn’t read between the lines. Another thing you know it’s all staged, when in my history class during high school I watched Bin Laden train those kids without the green screen technology. Having a black president is even staged, like the Mr. Kennedy killing. I’m not trying to persuade you all at all, all I want you to do is read and watch how things happens in America. It’s wild how those that do make a career out of living off the system. I do agree with Romney about taking those that’s on Housing off, because they’re not the ones that pay taxes. For us that pay taxes for the others that abuse the system I can’t stand the most. Reason being is because when one of us hard workers that may have a rough patch, gets denied for help. Just because those people who use the tax payers money just as well as the prisons. I don’t get while the money we pay taxes with goes towards those that don’t deserve the three hots and a cot. I work  hard and sometimes can’t eat three times a day. Back to the Government I can’t stand how they only out to build the rich people pockets and the ones that’s need a break can’t get ahead. History didn’t lie though America was founded on lies and greed. To this very day those disgracing principles are still among us now. All I know all of us have the same organs and all have the same life spans. It’s just that some of us is not going to compromise our dignity to reach fame and fortune.  So now that I gave you enough to think about, just sleep on that for a while.

Everyone please take interest to be honest with yourselves about what’s going on in the world. Another big thought to think about, “Rich People” only donate and start foundations to get people around the world like the middle class to support them.  Really all it is when they do it, it’s considered a tax write off. Last time I checked donations is something you do from the heart and not for what you can get in return. For instance if I start a cancer foundation and gain fans plus a tax credit, I basically gained what I have donated plus more. Just open your eyes and think hard and be honest when doing so.

Please leave a comment, or email the blog address to inform me on what you think about my messages I give.

Peace, love and hair grease.

Death’s Knock








Death’s door, walking parallel to heavens gates.

Looking deep within, all I feel is satan’s embrace.

God just stop me, I’m crying for help.

Can’t goto nobody, they don’t understand my threat.

If they really did, they wouldn’t laugh and except.

I maybe crazy, but that’s the first part of my steps.

I’m doing counseling, treating myself.

I’m taking medicine, in boding demons I possess.

So who’s knocking, can I give you some help.

They came in, saying how you deal with self.

I said I’m dangling, everything I kept.

They replied why is that.

They didn’t catch that, so I laughed again.

They told me, they could heal.

I said how you do that.

They reached out to grab me.

 So I gladly accepted, what they had for me.

I still didn’t feel like help.

I told them to just leave me.

I guess this is part of myself.

They said don’t believe, it can change in time.

I walked off, and gazed at death.

Not knowing why, it must mean time is near.

I know why, satan is riding beside me while I’m driving in fear.

Got a phone call, told me I can shake my friend.

I didn’t catch the voice, it said son listen.

I replied, asking who are you.

He said the big man upstairs.

I laughed, said stop playing do you listen to prayers.

He said he never stopped, just continue your prayers.

I asked why its hard, it’s the battle of sin.

I said why it start, it’s the things you all did.

When I’m going to die, I can’t tell my kid.

Why not father, it’s just a part of my gig.

Am I going to heaven, keep dreaming you may have.

So I hung up, thinking Im tripping.

I was hung on, thinking he didn’t.

Really tell me, I was made for sinning.

So I sped up, hoping I crashed him.

He still sat up, calling me a bastard.

I seen the fire rage, blazing the car.

I recall my younger days, living so far.

Feeling the heat engage, burning flesh.

Inhaling my last breath, reaching towards death.

Then I woke up, thinking I left.

Seeing fog on my windows, seeing my breath.

I guess I’m finally dead.

Wondering what time I left.

Couldn’t tell time, because my soul had left.

It’s a crying shame, I had to swallow that pill.

Can see my hurt and pain, on the big screen.

The rapture is here, it’s judgement time.

Might have to follow my peers.

Then the screen displayed, to be continued.


Thanks for seeing what was surreal in my dream.  This is only ways of expressing my self, don’t take it as I’m out of my mind.

Have A Good Day.

World Vs The Church

I was analyzing the Meek Millz and a pastor named (Jomo) dispute about the “amen” song. It’s very interesting how pastor(Jomo) stepped out of his place to try and speak to someone that is out of touch with the spiritual connection with God. I listened for the first time to the aired discussion and Meek said he does’nt want to hear anything about what pastor (Jomo) had to say and went on to say he doesn’t believe in God. Well there you have it, the conversation should have ended there. Tuning in I felt as if pastor (Jomo) should have let it be, because common sense would have let me know you can’t speak to someone that’s rolling in doe. Especially a person that has one goal in life, is to make his music sell to feed his family. Me personally I never waste my time to argue about someone believing like I do nor watch what they say like I do. People around the world view God differently, than others. So you could never really reach out to them, only through prayer. When that person is put on a higher level in life that you are. To think a rapper would really hear you out is funny to me because he’s always going to view it as you want something out of it. Regular people act like that everyday, and they barely making rent money, just saying. I believe in God and I have Christian beliefs because I want to now that I’m older. Even as a artist of so many things myself, I wouldn’t dare write songs of that nature, just saying. Overall I felt Pastor (Jomo) should have just kept him on his prayer list….Bottom line everybody isn’t ready to except the Lord until they are ready, or when he makes them break down to that point in life. Lesson learned pastors that really preach the life they live, don’t have to step out they element. My Pastor would’ve never took part in that, he let God fight battles like that. It’s to many people in the world, for someone just to finger out one person wrong doings. Please give me feed back because it’s crazy that I feel the way pastor (Jomo) does, and understand Meeks frustration. We as humans have had our share on the other side of life, we all are not perfect nor born without sin.


The World

Am i the only one to believe the world will one day end. Growing up the elders always told me to get my life right with God because the last days are here. Me being me i always mocked them. Now that I’m older and seek knowledge i once lacked. Maturity is bound to come from it. All i did growing up while seeing signs, i did not take heed to them. A movie called “Left Behind” came to film the year 2000 september 4th on video. That movie showed the first black president and was followed by the rapture as well. Here it is 2012 and the world have a black president, crazy i know. Then mentioned in the Holy Bible rumors of war and chaos around the world. Look at the crimes around you, shootings in movie theaters, churches being burned, young generation killing at a high. Animals falling dead, new species being found. People and animals are being cloned, some even mutated. Masons with the one world order, things of evil is coming to the front line. The government is controlling the population, by pushing abortions and creating new diseases. Open your eyes people!!!

Today’s Prayer

God only knows how today will end. Asking God for a good start to let this day begin. Hoping today be better than the day before. Crying out to the father, that he grant me peace. Saying i want you to use me Lord and make me grow stronger in you. Things can get better, i pray and hope. I ask for strength, faith, and hunger for the wisdom of your power father. Sorry for not holding fast to your words. I know i should because you make all things impossible possible. I continue to fall short because of my addiction to sin. Please hear my cry out for help and your mercy. I need you now, i want you to order my steps. I’m on the verge of losing my life’s work, marriage, daughter, and myself. Lord please bless me with the wisdom i lack, hide it in my heart, mind, soul, and spirit. In Jesus name i pray Amen.