Do Tell

Hello world;


Trying to talk to them, being very conservative.  Answering questions as they come, not receiving my responses. Hard to not mention my beliefs, due to all incoming aspects. Observing as much as I can, to keep hold on my full house. Seeing people bid on the call, just to realize I don’t bluff. So for those that bring Jesus up, that’s the Father over me. Yes I am human, so I try to dodge impugning. Everyone interprets things in many ways. Most tend to believe things are viewed one way. Not holding on to the fact that we all are born in similar ways. Life is moving at a rapid pace, some like myself has seen death’s face. Don’t let that scare you, situations happen everywhere. It’s a part of being birthed. As I can testify why did I make it, out of all the sperm cells. For the most part everyone has a purpose. It’s up to you what you choose to do with your choice.  I myself choose to act right by my mission. I want to make an impact, but in a positive way. Becoming a great leader, come from me being able to follow under superior guidance and leadership. some misunderstand and take it as if I’m talking belief. I’m really just talking life and survival. With my words I will offend, as well as enlighten people going through struggles. All they are looking for is someone who knows how they feel. So let your negativity be your owns, others need the help.



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Thoughts For Survival

Hello everyone,

Let me start off by saying anyone that thinks life is not fair, it was never meant to be fair. Yes we all go through situations and ask God why. When really everybody says the same thing everything happens for a reason. So if everything happens for a reason and God allows it, then it must be to show approval. I’m a put it out there for you all to read, I have been living less than paycheck to paycheck for the last 3 yrs. Of course it bothers me, but when you think like I do you just learn to deal with it and go about your way. It’s like no matter how hard you try to do right, it’s always set backs. I was watching the vice presidential debate, and what I received from that was history repeats itself. Meaning when racism and hatred was at an all time high back in the day. Put two and two together and you will see those things coming back to the necked eye, and it’s just getting started. Poverty is now raising to the middle class and modern-day slavery is here. Every time I turn around the politicians is mentioning how it’s going to be either rich, or poor. It hurts to see how the people who make up this whole country fall for the mess they feed us. Everything that happens in the United States, is actually planned. The September 11th event was scheduled originally in the mid 90’s.  How is it that the Americans doesn’t read between the lines. Another thing you know it’s all staged, when in my history class during high school I watched Bin Laden train those kids without the green screen technology. Having a black president is even staged, like the Mr. Kennedy killing. I’m not trying to persuade you all at all, all I want you to do is read and watch how things happens in America. It’s wild how those that do make a career out of living off the system. I do agree with Romney about taking those that’s on Housing off, because they’re not the ones that pay taxes. For us that pay taxes for the others that abuse the system I can’t stand the most. Reason being is because when one of us hard workers that may have a rough patch, gets denied for help. Just because those people who use the tax payers money just as well as the prisons. I don’t get while the money we pay taxes with goes towards those that don’t deserve the three hots and a cot. I work  hard and sometimes can’t eat three times a day. Back to the Government I can’t stand how they only out to build the rich people pockets and the ones that’s need a break can’t get ahead. History didn’t lie though America was founded on lies and greed. To this very day those disgracing principles are still among us now. All I know all of us have the same organs and all have the same life spans. It’s just that some of us is not going to compromise our dignity to reach fame and fortune.  So now that I gave you enough to think about, just sleep on that for a while.

Everyone please take interest to be honest with yourselves about what’s going on in the world. Another big thought to think about, “Rich People” only donate and start foundations to get people around the world like the middle class to support them.  Really all it is when they do it, it’s considered a tax write off. Last time I checked donations is something you do from the heart and not for what you can get in return. For instance if I start a cancer foundation and gain fans plus a tax credit, I basically gained what I have donated plus more. Just open your eyes and think hard and be honest when doing so.

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Peace, love and hair grease.


Hello World,


Today is a new day.

Where it seems to rain and pour.

Sunshine to show through and brighten the day.

All the struggles of life can bring stress and anger.

Which turns into bitterness and pain.

When you think things are about to turn for the worst some more.

The light tends to shine brighter, than the darkness that rise.

Tell your storm it is only waiting to past.

Troubles will not last forever.

Every scar  in time will heal.

For every trial, there will be a judge to over rule.

All the tragic pleasures of life, overcoming the obstacle should take place.

Battle scars will be proven that you can with stand the fleshy  test in the world.

For every young man and woman in the world, there is someone to help you conquer the issue.

When two, or more are gathered in Jesus name, there he should be in the mist.

I really didn’t want to sound churchly, but God’s mercy I can’t deny.

He will fight your battles, long as you and I allow him to.

All he wants is a willing child.

I am a Godly man, that still live here on earth.

I do fall short within my flesh and sin.

I constantly fight my self on going by actions in God’s way.

Now I should not fight, and worry about feeling soft about being a Christian Man.

If God shows you love and kindness, letting you wake up give him praise.

I will not allow others to take me into a different direction of action when it comes to God’s love.

So stop giving those that wish upon your downfall power over you.

Realize that those that speak negative upon you are only doing what their spirit is telling them.

You are battling their spirit not them as a person.

It’s all a spiritual warfare, in the day of walking towards the King up stairs.

The real G O D.




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Have A Blessed Day!


This morning is on to a good start for me. Thinking about things as usual, I guess I’m a rubic cube you can’t figure out. I feel I may one day need to put my church clothes on to show myself worthy. I don’t need to prove myself  to get through this life. Some people may think I have not changed much, but I have. I don’t need to respond with negativity to get my point across anymore. I’m not better than you, I’m just a better person in process. Guys I grew up with haven’t seen the real progress in me because I shelter myself from anything that can make me relapse. I want to really focus before I go crank. I wish Everyone would one day see me as a changed man, but it is what it is. That’s the saying of the time now, lol. Wonder what my brother would say if he knew I finally made it home to stay awhile. Rest In Peace Dominique Johnson, big brother really yearn for you to know I wanted to show you a different life. Everybody wants a co-signer, but I don’t need one God helped me survive longer than expected of my kind. People I once knew put a APB out on me since I left  and never showed back up. A hiatus is what makes me stronger, to leave as I be. The cold world is really becoming sour, the last hour on the news I’m sure someone else portrayed to be the Joker in another movie theater.  All I hear is my extended family in Texas say ” welcome back to the LONGSTAR State”. My brother Mark Marquez man blessed me more than words could ever express. My bro looked out for my well-being and made sure my ladies were cool, every time I needed help. My church family the Worthems has made me see what family is all about, they check on us as I’m on a stake out in the Show Me State right now. My inspiration comes from the man I see who made their families and christ there ribs we carry everyday.  Everyday I see blurry, I know soon I will once again see clear. I’m glad he still watch over my women despite of my short comings, Thanks for the lookout God.  The rise from the fall shall come to past. To many from my past shall come forward to wake up, to many I rose up with died or behind bars for a bid. If I can seat down with them all, I wonder if they would have done things different. They probably in the cells thinking how their once riders moved on and left them stranded with no money on their book. No pictures or letters to help you through the cage you in. Hope you will recognize you should not get out with the same mentality. Now you know claiming gangs ain’t what you thought it was. Prison isn’t for any man or woman, but the choices of influence can decide for you to do things that can jam you up for life. Being that you are in the system and thrown away, you can one day rise again. A black rose can see sunshine to bloom another time in life. Everybody that say they ride with you only rides while the car has gas and when the tank is empty it’s the end of riding homie. While people are behind those bars, I hope they know what the price of life  is to them once they get out. The person that was once special to you, is now moved on also to probably be with the same person you hung around. No one can commit to someone in that cell, and you can’t fault them. Humans are only meant to be around for a season or two. As I do look back again on my choices I would’ve been in there with you all, thinking reckless, God spared me so I didn’t take those shots and ended in that grave. I don’t regret anything, it built my character, being around so much chaos as a kid stunned me. Just kiss those that loved me, because my time has come and went. I speak for those that had their planes crashed. Give me a second to catch the beat, I talk sophisticated and everyone other person my age talks gangs. Gangs don’t mean much, how can you bang  for property you or your people don’t own. How stupid can some people be, killing others for colors that you didn’t create.  I feel it’s a long time coming the world can hear me release my emotions on my fellow  generation. The parents stopped caring their kids are dying younger and before they are. It shouldn’t be normal for a parent to bury their child before their time. People so use to wearing tees and hoodies with names and pictures, just a trend itself now. The value of life has become a misconception. The young people watch their parents become their friends. As a parent you should never say I would rather you smoke and drink with me then someone else. How can a child respect an elder when you passing them the blunts and ciroc. I find it easy to spazz out on my blogs every chance I get because life is funny with the people in it.  I really hope people will see this as a sacrifice for someone so young to want to say what everyone thinks about family friends and people around the world. I am from the hood and it doesn’t make you, we all can be above the rim. If you could talk to Pac and Big they would let you know, words and people can twist things to were it can cost you what’s important. Life is important when you notice who it will affect when the death comes. I know most people will read this and reject everything I mentioned, since tv show you to respect and love drugs, sex,money and violence. The People that been in prison for 12 years or more have talked to me as well as the Gang members from the 80’s who have overcome that tragic disaster.